Find the right WODEN KIDS shoe size for your child

Having trouble figuring out which size WODEN KIDS shoes and sneakers your child needs? Just follow this simple guide.

WODEN KIDS’ soles with growing room

All of WODEN’s shoes and sneakers for both children and adults have a cork insole that’s shock-absorbing, flexible and ensures a healthy environment for your feet. Our cork insole also supports both your feet and your child’s throughout the day’s activities, play or unexpected adventures.

WODEN wants to make it as easy as possible for you as a parent and for your child to find the right size. Regardless of whether you’re standing in a store or shopping in our webshop, we’ll help you to be a self-taught expert in WODEN KIDS sizes for your child.

On the cork insole in all our children’s shoes, you will find markings that indicate the 1 cm of growing room that we recommend for children’s shoes. This is because children are constantly changing, both mentally and physically, and at WODEN we want to give children room for this growth.

Guide for using WODEN KIDS’ insoles


 First, remove the cork insole from your WODEN KIDS shoe.

You can see the growing room marked in black to indicate where the foot should be, plus an additional 1 cm of growing room.

Now place the insole on the ground and have your child position their food on the insole, making sure that the heel is placed correctly against the back of the insole. Your child’s foot should now extend from the back of the insole at the heel to the black line at the toes. If the insole, and thus the shoe, is the right size, the toes will stop at the black line, but if the size is too small or too big you will be able to see it.

If you child’s foot falls in-between sizes, we always recommend choosing the larger size, to ensure there is room to grow.