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Sneakers for teens, for all everyday activities
Sneakers from WODEN KIDS give teens the freedom they need in a daily life filled with many activities. Shoes must fit the foot firmly, but they must also be flexible and functional so they can be used for everything your day has to offer. That’s exactly what WODEN KIDS tries to incorporate into the making of their sneakers for teens.

The latest trends are interpreted utilising the colours and patterns of the season to ensure that all WODEN KIDS sneakers follow fashion, while also maintaining focus on comfort and optimal support.

Perfect fit and natural materials
As far as possible, WODEN KIDS strives to make sneakers in natural quality materials such as calf leather, calf suede, fish leather and cork, all of which are standard elements in a WODEN KIDS sneaker for teens.

The removable insole, which is found in all WODEN KIDS sneakers for teens, consists of natural shock-absorbing cork, which provides perfect fit and a comfortable environment inside the shoe. The outsole of all WODEN KIDS sneakers for teens consists of natural rubber mixed with ordinary rubber and a minimum of 10% recycled rubber. This ensures a highly flexible and durable sneaker that fits all everyday activities. 

All sneakers from WODEN KIDS have a firm heel cap, which ensures that the shoe stays in place on the foot and does not slide around more than absolutely necessary. Closures for all WODEN KIDS sneakers consist of either Velcro straps, which make the shoe easy to get on and off, or laces for those who have learned to tie their own shoelaces.

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You’ll find all sneakers for teens gathered here – and if you need a smaller size, look at our selection of children’s sneakers, where you may be able to find the sneaker in just the right size. As soon as we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation along with a tracking number so that you have the option to track your package from the time it is sent until you receive it.

Not sure what size of sneakers to buy? Look at our sizing guide, which is sure to help you find the right size. Should you have any questions about your order, you are welcome to contact us or have a look at our terms and conditions where you may find the answer to your question.

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