Autumn trend Highlander

Get in touch with nature with one of our many new Highlander styles. This collection is inspired by nature where we give you the opportunity to get the new seasons trends that are perfect for any powerwalk through the big city or out in the nature. This collection gives you comfort and style.

Eve fifty Lizard Green

The collection gives you an opportunity to pick between many different styles for any occasion and in your most favorable color. The palette of colors is focused on the nature and its surrounding which is why you see the colors Ecru olive, Teal and Autumn Blaze.

The different shoes are designed with different materials like Croco, mesh and snake which is a tendency from the fashion industry this year.

Throughout the collection you can both see the raw look and the more feminine ones. You can see the rawer look in our Mille Boots and the more feminine expression in the sneaker Ydun Suede with leopard print.

Mille Croco Shiny

Our new sustainable initiatives are of course implemented in the different Highlander styles because it’s important for us to implement it in all our sneakers across collections. 

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