Join us behind the scenes when WODEN designs a new collection

The start of any WODEN collection takes place 1.5-2 years before it can be purchased in stores. A new collection is created on the basis of new trends, insights gained from all of WODEN’s markets and experiences from previous collections, and throughout the process the designers keep the WODEN DNA and the Nordic design aesthetic in mind during the creation of the new collection.

WODEN’s designers start the collection by meeting to select the colours that they will use for their upcoming designs. Here they examine the colours and offer their ideas on which colours would work well for an entire shoe and which ones would create stylish combinations. In order to create a unified collection with the desired look, the designers jointly select the colours for the upcoming collection. This also allows them to bring more attention to creating shoes that can be matched for both mother and child, which we focus on in our MiniMe collection. 

What is it like to be a designer for a global shoe brand?

“It can be an exciting challenge to be present in so many markets, as all markets are different. There are different trends in each market and requirements for the shoes, such as in terms of wear, whether they should be water repellent etc., where we then go in and test on those parameters. All these elements must be adapted to the shoes while also preserving our identity and the Scandinavian design aesthetic.”
 – Amanda, designer at WODEN

The inspiration behind the shoes

Inspiration for a new collection can strike our designers anywhere and at any time. It can happen quite randomly during a holiday or on a planned visit to a trade fair, an inspirational trip to London or by exploring the many corners of the internet.   

How do you come up with a new style?

“First I fall in love with the colours and patterns, then I look at what has worked well in previous years, and especially what I personally like.”
– Mette, designer at WODEN KIDS

A typical inspirational walk around Aarhus and its many shops can generate ideas for many new colours, patterns and textures that can contribute to a new and exciting look for a new shoe.

Once the designers have composed the next season’s palette of colours and textures, the development process begins for new styles in the form of mock-ups. Old shoe models are taped up and new lines and designs are sketched, bringing new collections and shoes into the world at WODEN.